In support of our brothers and sisters in CWA District 7, IBEW 1269 stands strongly in favor of all union members in the Omaha, Nebraska Telephone Call Center.

You are part of the CWA/IBEW National Coalition of Unions that work together to provide job security for your future.  This starts with grass roots members who strongly believe in our purpose and goes all the way to the International Organizations of CWA and IBEW to ensure you are being treated fairly while striving to improve overall benefits. Without these advocates, you’re simply on your own.

With a Union you have Federal protections.  Did you know that if you, as a union member, lose your job, the Company has to meet a Just Cause standard for that termination to stand?  Without a union, you are “At Will” and can be fired for any reason. 

According to a recent Gallup poll, Forty-two percent of Republicans said they approved of unions, a jump from 2011, when only 26 percent of Republicans showed support.

Among Democrats, 81 percent of Democrats approved of unions, compared to 78 percent in 2011. Support among Independents has also climbed, reaching 61 percent from 52 percent six years ago.

Please give some critical thought to why corporations don’t want you to join unions or retain your membership in unions. In our experience over the years its been made clear that they want to pay you less and reduce your benefits. 

Some of the most impressive and influential heroines and heroes of our times include the Parkland High School students who joined together to fight for a purpose.  These young people stood together because they knew they couldn’t accomplish their goals without a collective voice.  That’s a union.  Let’s all join together to protect and enhance our standard of living.  There will always be Individuals working their own deals with management.  Question their motives. This is a call to action for everyone else to stand in solidarity with over a thousand sales and support employees in unions across the country working for Dex/ YP, Thryv who stand in solidarity and support of their union membership and benefits. You are not alone.

If you’re interested in forming a union at your workplace click “SHOW OF INTEREST” below. Fill out the information tab and we will contact you. This information is secure and anonymous.