Important Bargaining Update Dex Rocky Mountain Region

The Collective Bargaining agreement expired on Friday, June 7th at 6:00 p.m. and the Union and Company mutually agreed to “Freeze the Clock” to continue bargaining with all terms and conditions in full force and effect.  Tuesday at 2:30 a.m., while the parties were still bargaining, the Company notified the Union that they weren’t interested in extending that agreement, now leaving the Union with the decision to go on strike or work without a contract.  The Union objected to the Company ending our mutual decision to extend the contract and demanded that bargaining continue to agreement.

At 4:45 a.m. MDT Tuesday morning, the Company called for a recess. The Union demanded negotiations continue and the parties resumed bargaining at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, continuing until 4:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. Talks are continuing and the Union continues to advance negotiations with respect to your commissions, wages and working conditions without the wavier of your rights.

What does this mean? 

IBEW 1269 members are now working without a contract and Dex is operating without Management rights.  Until an agreement is reached, and the contract is ratified;

  • You will continue to work
  • You will still earn a paycheck.
  • The Company cannot change your wages or working conditions.
  • All benefits, including health care, will remain in effect.
  • The grievance procedure continues, but arbitration probably will not.

You have the legal right to participate in “protected concerted activity.”  This includes everything from contacting customers to Social Media activity.  All protected activities will be directed by the Union officers after scrutiny from legal counsel.

What are the issues?

  • Force Adjustments by Company Discretion.  The current contract provides for layoffs by seniority.  In the event of a layoff, the Company is proposing to “at their sole discretion” identify the employees they want to retain by using ‘stack ranking and including but not limited to undetermined, non-bargained qualifications’. The Company has refused to provide information on stack ranking and qualifications or how they intend to use it in the future. The Company has refused to bargain over its proposal.  This is an Unfair Labor Practice.
  • Compensation.  Our members have shown that they are not making money commensurate with the effort they are putting into the job.  The Union has provided the Company with evidence that they are not paying a competitive base wage or incentive pay for SaaS.  The Company is proposing substantial decreases in SEM products. The parties are openly discussing these issues.
  • 15 Month Directories.  The Union and the Company are in disagreement over the formula being proposed by the Company to address this issue.  There is no retro payment being considered in bargaining however, the Union has filed a labor board charge and grievance on the issue. We are seeking full restitution on past due commissions and earnings
  • Elimination of the Flat Monthly taxable reimbursement for mileage.  The current agreement provides a choice between flat rate and FAVR. Currently 67% of our members use the Flat tax option.  The Company wants to move to Motus exclusively and are demanding the members use their own data plans to operate the app. The company has maintained that IRS FAVR accurately captures your expenses.
  • Privacy Continues to be a priority at the table  



Union Summary

It is your bargaining team’s belief that you are being cheated out of wages.  The extension of directories to 15 months without compensation, is considered by the Union to be blatant wage theft and we are seeking on your behalf, a retroactive/make whole settlement through the grievance and arbitration process. 

The additional responsibilities of selling SaaS products like Thryv in terms of rep assisted on-boarding, customer engagement, the drive for more and more new revenue while reducing commission rates, and the unqualified reduction in compensation for non-bundled SEM are all additional examples of Company proposals that exploit our members and rob them of their wages, energy and dignity.

Additionally, the most egregious of all, is the message to the majority of our members that their years of good service has little to no value to the Company.  That you are only as good as your last sale.

We are not going to stop fighting for a fair contract, one that rewards and values your efforts. The majority of the members in the Mountain States understand that if something is worth having, it’s worth fighting for.  We believe your rights are worth fighting for.  Thanks to all for your support and willingness to engage in action when necessary to achieve a fair contract.


“A Worker is Worthy of His Wages”

Courage Honor Strength

Your Bargaining Team


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