Bargaining Update Dex Rocky Mountain 9:30 a.m.

The Union and Company bargained into the early morning hours and are back at the table this morning.  Both parties are still exchanging proposals and talks are productive.  However, the parties remain far apart on two issues that members have declared as strike issues; Compensation and Force Adjustment by performance. 

The contract expires today at 6:00 MDT.  While we are still far apart on key issues, both parties have committed to making every effort towards reaching an agreement that we can present to the IBEW 1269 members for a vote.

Contract negotiations are never a walk in the park but they are especially hard on the members who wait patiently for word of any news.  As your bargaining agents we are representing to the Company that you are worth higher pay due to your expertise of SaaS, relationships with the customers, time commitments required to sell, onboard and service your customers and commitment to a growth partnership with the business that will ensure the success of their product, Thryv.  Seniority consideration for Force Adjustments is a right you have earned.  We believe for all those who have endured iteration after iteration of performance plans over the years and still remain, your skills, talents, contributions and loyalty deserve consideration.

We will keep you updated as events warrant.

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