Ratification Update Thryv Inc. Mountain States

The Union and Company are finalizing the Tentative Agreement reached on September 25th 2019. Because the Agreement contained all the markups from the bargaining process, it needed to be converted into a legally binding document for signatures.  Last Friday, the Company sent the “cleaned up” version of the Tentative Agreement for the Union’s review before signing.  This is approximately 2 weeks longer than we originally anticipated.  Yesterday, the Union bargaining team verified the changes in the entire document for accuracy and is meeting with the Company today to review discrepancies. 

After the discrepancies are addressed and corrected, we will meet to sign the Tentative Agreement, hopefully sometime this week and then start the construction of the PowerPoint presentation to take out to member only ratification meetings.  Simultaneously, we will work on scheduling the ratification meetings and travel.

We will notify you of the ratification meeting schedule as soon as possible.

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