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Who is IBEW 1269?

Professionals Nationwide, DexYP/Thryv Sales Professionals, AT&T Communications Technicians Toll, Clerical, Independent Contractors, Freelancers and Gig Workers.

IBEW 1269 is a highly effective, experienced and multifaceted union with an emphasis on Professionals in the workplace.  We have represented, bargained & negotiated on behalf of thousands of employees since 1964.

We Go to Bat for Our Members 

As your exclusive bargaining agent, we negotiate and aggressively enforce the terms and conditions of the contract with your employer.  Examples of such terms negotiated on your behalf are salaries, overtime, vacations, discharge and discipline, work assignment, job duties, wages and earnings, working conditions and benefits.

Members First

Our commitment to our members is that we will provide fair, tenacious and ethical representation for all members while promoting higher wages, benefits and a quality work environment that allows our members a high standard of work and personal life. Members work collectively to empower one another toward common goals and benefits.

You Have Important Rights

Examples of employee rights covered under the National Labor Relations Act include:

  • Forming, or attempting to form, a union in your workplace;
  • Joining a union whether the union is recognized by your employer or not;
  • Assisting a union in organizing your fellow employees;
  • Refusing to do any or all of these things.
  • To be fairly represented by a union

As a Union member, you are covered by the terms and conditions of your negotiated Labor Agreement and the ability to engage in Protected Concerted Activity.

Are your rights being protected during COVID-19?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Union is HERE.

We are aiding in the fight for your rights, benefits and job security during this time.  We will be keeping you updated. Unions have been a fortress to protect the workforce through wars, civil rights movements, stock market lapses and more – we will be here fighting through this and emerge stronger on the other side. Remember we are in this TOGETHER.

Not working?
Make sure your benefits stay with you!

Sick Leave, Working Conditions, Workmans Comp, 401K’s, Retirement,
Disciplinary Meetings, Health Benefits, Equal Pay & Wrongful Terminations. 


Did you know?
Non-Union companies are terminating employees, eliminating benefits and denying sick leave during this time.

I want to say "thank you" to you, and all the IBEW 1269 members who had a hand in the successful resolution to my wrongful termination in 2016 by YP...

I wanted to say “thank you” to you, and all the IBEW 1269 members who had a hand in the successful resolution to my wrongful termination in 2016 by YP. My words can never convey my sincerest and deepest gratitude for ALL you’ve done for me personally. You made a huge difference in my life and that means alot, we will forever be brothers and sisters in arms!

You made right what was wrong and set me on a path to continued success in my sales career. It really was a life changing day to receive that call from you personally Karen, to let me know you and your team had  achieved a successful outcome for me! I was elated to hear I would be offered my position back with YP/Dex and full back pay!

You’re tenacity, determination and tireless dedication to IBEW 1269 and the protection of workers rights, contract adhesion, contract negotiations, grievances & arbitration, and setting the record straight is truly awesome (not to mention the 1 million other details you manage on a daily basis)!

You’re efforts and your successes are nothing less than heroic! You made a huge difference in my career with YP and then again, when I needed you most, you came through, just like you promised you would! I will always remember the morning after I was wrongfully terminated you personally called me to let me know “this would not stand” and you asked me to be patient and allow you do to what you do best……fight back!!! And fight you did…..and YOU WON!

You’re bad ass Karen Gowdy! and I have the upmost respect and admiration for you and ALL you do, all you did and  all that you will do for the current and future members of IBEW1269.

My deepest gratitude and sincerest THANK YOU for your hard work, determination, dedication on my behalf, and to a successful outcome for ALL of IBEW 1269.

– IBEW1269 Member

Thank you for your representation...

Dear Karen and Harry,

Thank you for the excellent representation of my unlawful termination case.

I am very grateful to IBEW union staff and attorney for all the hard work  it took in preparing me for my hearing and making sure I was able to win my position back as a Premise Account Manager.

I understand how heightened emotions and losing ones position can affect a sales person’s life!

The union has been standing on my side since I started my first position in 2000.

I want our IBEW members to know how strong and effective all the stewards and business managers are in the fight for justice for our bargained for employment.

I am grateful to our union and I feel totally vindicated with the excellent effort and time it took to win my case. Please know that you have the best advocates working on our behalf at IBEW Union.

Thank you again Karen and Harry and all IBEW Union staff.


- IBEW1269 Member

So proud of the courageous BuzzFeed Employees who are fighting for their Union and their rights!

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Bargaining Updates

Members who would like to receive news updates and current bargaining information texts, please text IBEW to 57827 to opt-in.

Bargaining Update | 10.16.2019 | Thryv Inc. Mountain States

Bargaining Update | 10.16.2019 | Thryv Inc. Mountain States

Ratification Update Thryv Inc. Mountain States The Union and Company are finalizing the Tentative Agreement reached on September 25th 2019. Because the Agreement contained all the markups from the bargaining process, it needed to be converted into a legally binding...

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Why Be Part of a Union?

Union workers continue to receive higher wages and more rights than non-union workers and have greater access to most employer-sponsored employee benefits. Union workers have access to the grievance and arbitration process when wrongfully terminated and are protected by the law when engaging in protective concerted activity.

Union workers also have the ability to vote on their collective bargaining agreement and have more control over their working conditions than their non-union counterparts.



Union – Wages, Commissions, Bonus, Medical Benefits, 401k, Vacation, are all negotiated and contractual to ensure fairness for everyone.

Non-Union – Management alone decides the terms of earnings and can change them anytime. They can base any changes in earnings on business needs, favoritism or any other reason.

Medical Benefits

Union – Medical Benefits are bargained and contractual. Changes can only be made through Union membership approval.  Medical coverage for you and your family is protected and ensured.

Non-Union – Without a Union, medical Benefits can be altered, reduced, or completely taken away at any point. The employer has complete control over the medical coverage for you and your family.

Unfair Treatment & Job Protection

Union – You have a protected way to challenge any unfair or questionable treatment with support and representation from their union. Just Cause standards are applied with binding arbitration if the parties can’t agree.

Non-Union – You’re on your own. Any grievance process gives management the last word.


“Unions are the collective voice by which justice happens and power shifts. Our union believes that by standing together, we're more powerful than standing alone and that dignity in the workplace is a right worth fighting for.”

Karen Gowdy, IBEW 1269

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